Friday, October 18, 2019

Rhetorical analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 8

Rhetorical analysis - Essay Example The dealer has ample amount of knowledge and information regarding different cars that are being sold by the company. The context in which this article was created is to inform the people of Tucson about the dealer of Porsche in the region of Tucson and the aim of the dealer within the context is to increase their sales. The aim of informing as well as persuading consumers to purchase one of the cars being offered by the dealer has been quite effectively attained by exhibiting his/her creditability, by tapping into the customer’s emotions of desire to live a luxurious life and their desire to experience freedom and the author has even used logical reasoning such as reviews from the customers. The authors of the website of Porsche of Tucson have quite effectively utilized the persuasion technique of ethical appeal in order to attract and persuade the customers to buy one of the cars being sold on the website. The author of the website has tremendous amount of credibility as the author of the website is the dealer working for the company of Porsche. The dealer is well informed about different models of cars being sold on the website and the benefits and drawbacks associated with these cars. They obtain this information directly from the company and therefore are credible enough in the eyes of the audience for providing them with the information that is published on the website. Other than ethos, the author has quite effectively used the persuasion technique of emotional appeals or pathos to persuade customers into purchasing the offerings of Porsche of Tucson. The author of the website has appealed to various emotions of the consumers in order to persuade the audience. They have tapped into the emotional feeling of satisfaction and happiness in order to attract the audience and mote them to purchase one of the cars. For example: the author has stated that by purchasing one of the

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