Saturday, October 19, 2019

LearningJournal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

LearningJournal - Essay Example And it is in this framework that I would like to begin the laying down and sharing of my learning journal. The first time I heard that we are going to do a learning journal, I am little bit apprehensive. And all of it is for the reason that doing a learning journal is something new. In my past experiences, normally what was done in class were discussions whether in class or as a group and what was expected was that everybody would bring their ideas, share it with class and more or less attained an interactive discussion. Therefore, when, we were told that we were to do a learning journal, it was something different for me. To document your thoughts, feelings, ideas, reflections, questions, uncertainties, doubts, dissents and agreements with the articles, the books that I have read and the discussions that I have the chance to be part of is for me taking learning one step higher. This I claim based on the supposition that in doing the learning journal, to go over my own thoughts, put it into a coherent structure and argue with the text, with myself and the entire process, in turn, constru ct and deconstruct my knowledge and understanding of things. Moreover, I have become conscious that every time I go over an article or a book, I am going to have a learning experience. This is a very significant transformation on my part. Since, through learning journal, learning has authentically become engaging, thus opening new challenges and venues with which lessons learned do not remain as lecture notes but as the foundation of other things to learn and guide in the understanding of experiences that are and may be encountered. Before joining the programme, I have not been in the academe for quite a time. Thus, I have some nervousness at the start of the programme. However, as the programme started, I have come to realise that I have acquired the maturity necessary in pursuing this

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