Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Business Research Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Business Research Report - Essay Example Of course the products required customer service. And Apple Inc. positioned Customer Technical Support mostly in the USA but partly outsourced to India because of the 50% lower cost. In the US alone, there are about 10,000 AppleCare Advisors applications in 24 States aside from 3,300 home based Advisors, and 600 part-time employees who are college students. In 2010, Apple Inc. realized 58% of total revenues from countries outside of the USA (Kane and Rohwedder 2010). The management therefore launched iPhone 4 in 88 countries to compete against other brands of iPhones manufactured by other companies. In 2009, Apple Inc.’s iPhone 3GS reached 64 countries. Unlike the Apple Macintosh computers which could not compete, the iPod music players of Apple Inc., the iPad Tablet Computers, and the iPhones were able to penetrate the international markets. And the sales of Apple Inc. are gradually being improved via retails stores specialized with Apple products. It was done through aggress ive marketing effort wherein new stores of Apple Inc. in places like London and Shanghai accounted for more than 50% of all the new stores of the industry wherein Apple Inc. belongs. By May 2013, as a result of sustained globalization effort to penetrate the markets in many countries, Forbes (2013) identified Apple Inc. as the # 1 most powerful brand in the world, # 1 in market value, # 2 in profits earned, # 26 most innovative company, # 15 in sales, and # 15 in the world’s top 2000 global companies. The products sold are made up of mobile phones, portable media, personal computers, music players that are digital and portable, software, services, and peripherals. Well known brands that were sold included the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iOS, iCloud, iTunes, iBookstore, and so on. Apple Inc. capitalization exceeded $ 400 billion. And the channels of distribution now include direct sales aside from online sales and actual retail stores. Wholesales and resellers were tapped along wi th cellular network carriers.. Technology, as a whole, has been changing the lifestyle, pace, and pattern of people in different parts of the globe. For example, in April 24, 2013, software developers around the globe will learn from Apple Inc. engineers about deploying followed by integrating iOS and OS X technologies in 100 sessions during a conference in June 10-14, 2013. Programmers worldwide will gain the knowledge of creating new features and applications from that Worldwide Developers’ Conference directly from 1,000 Apple engineers who will be there to teach programmers in hands-on laboratories. Such an opportunity to be updated in terms of technology normally takes many months or even years of further education via schools or online universities. This will take only days. And the value for participants will be in the form of better business performance through better services to customers who need improvements in their Apple devices. (Apple Inc. 2013b) Just to give an idea of the size of that business opportunity from just one application alone, the well-known iTunes, Apple Inc. (2013c) reported that over 25 billion musical downloads had been sold worldwide by the online iTune Stores for nusic, TV shows, and movies. The store averages 15,000 iTune songs being downloaded per minute. The owner

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