Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Globalization and Diversity and Its Effects on Organizational Behavior Essay

Globalization and Diversity and Its Effects on Organizational Behavior - Essay Example The main person responsible for coining the term globalization is considered to be Theodore Levitt. With the passage of time, the phenomenon has grown at a steady rate whereby the setting under which it is held is one that focuses on the global patterns related to the sociological findings. (Aase, 2004)The aspect of whether or not globalization is a newer form of western imperialism is manifested in the definition of the same word. Globalization, for that matter, is remarked as Internationalization since the nature of the two terms is on a worldwide scale more than anything else. West tries to exploit the basis of globalization which the third world countries could bring to the benefit of the developed nations. However, on the part of the two terms, the one thing common, however, is the fact that these have identified themselves well with the changing (and growing) trends, where most of these are credited on the shoulders of the World War II, after which there has been a resurgent ra t race nonetheless. Globalization is a phenomenon and it is one that is here to stay for long. The world has become a global village due to globalization and it is a good omen if seen in the proper perspectives. The impact of demographic diversities in a group means that more efforts are needed to be put in place so that each of the group members knows what his or her duty is and whether this person is communicated about the roles that are asked of him or her, both in the short term as well as the long run.

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