Monday, October 14, 2019

Pressure Groups Essay Example for Free

Pressure Groups Essay Pressure groups play an important role in indian politics Pressure groups provide the link between the people and the government. A pressure group is an organised body of individuals who share some goals and who try to influence public policy. Pressure groups are a vital part of a healthy democracy. Indeed the sustained and rapid expansion of pressure group activity and involvement in the political process is often heralded as a sign of growing political involvement among many thousands of people. Pressure groups Promote discussion and debate and mobilise public opinion on key issues ,they perform a role in educating citizens about specific issues , they can enhance democratic participation, pluralism and diversity, they raise and articulate issues that political parties perhaps wont touch because of their sensitivity e. g. The 2011 Indian anti-corruption movement were a series of demonstrations and protests across India which intended to establish strong legislation and enforcement against endemic political corruption. ake the example of the recent gang rape case. The people of delhi, and then the entire country joined to form a pressure group and forced the govt. to make fast track courts so that the culprits could be punished as soon as possible. There is intense pressure on the government to make harsher laws for rape . pressure groups provide an important access point for those seeking redress of grievance They represent minorities who cannot represent themselves Groups can be an important and valuable source of specialist information for an overloaded legislature and civil service Many groups play an important role in implementing changes to public policy Pressure groups encourage a decentralisation of power within the political system. They act as a check and balance to the power of executive government. Several laws have been made , several ministers and beaureacrats who were corrupt, were asked to go because of the pressure groups. Several states have been made because of pressure groups. Prices of public utilities like electricity , water have been reduced because of pressure groups. Farmers have got the right price for their commodities because of pressure groups. So we can see that pressure groups are a must for democracy, and they strengthen democracy and not weaken it.

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