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Exercises for Different Specific Muscle Groups

Muscles, together with our bones, shape a human’s body framework. Muscle causes motions by exerting force. It is divided into four muscle groups which are the head and neck muscles, trunk muscles, upper extremity and lower extremity muscles. A well-balanced exercise program helps to maintain muscle strength and tone.Head and neck muscles move our head and shoulders thus proper exercise is needed to relax and maintain the natural muscle girdle. One can do the isometric front and back neck exercise wherein the person will sit and will gently push his or her head backwards without bending the neck to develop neck muscle. Try to avoid any more head movements as you resist the push. After doing this for 16 counts, work on pushing from the back side of your head (Miller).Trunk muscles can gain more strength from stability ball exercises. Â  You can do full squat with the stability ball by immediately extending legs and standing up and down while pressing hands up above the head to keep wrists over elbows and arms moving parallel to your body. Do this for 20 counts and then for another set.Another exercise for your trunk is the stability ball crunch wherein first you will sit upright in the stability ball with feet firmly on the floor. Walk forward allowing the stability ball to roll until it is placed on to your mid-back part. Place your hands in your chest and contract your abdomen and raise your shoulders up. It is like having sit-ups while taking care of your neck not to be strained by keeping the head at the neutral position. Do this in 20 repetitions for 3 sets (Sports Fitness Advisor).Upper extremity/limb muscles include shoulder, forearm, down to finger muscles. Strive to finish 12-15 repetitions push-ups/triceps push-ups. After that, hold free weights with your palms facing up, stand with feet hip-width apart, abdomen tight. Lift the weights, turn the palms face out, then do in reverse motion. Repeat for 12-15 repetitions (MedicineNet).To improve your lower extremity/limb muscles, do ankle exercises by sitting erectly with your soles against the base of a wall, keeping your legs straight. Place your hands on the floor behind you for support. Flex your feet to bringing your toes toward the shins. Repeat for 5 times to stretch and get your leg’s natural girdle. Last, to improve your hamstrings lie on your back with one knee bent and its foot on the floor.Extend the other leg on the floor with foot bended. Lie down your hands on your side and then extend your straight leg in the air forming as close to 90 degrees with respect to your upper body. Then lower your leg to the floor repeating for 5 times. Try to increase your motion speed with each repetition. Hold your leg up in the air on the last repetition. Jog or brisk walk for 2 minutes after completing all the exercises.

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Essay One

He uses Native American symbols such as the tote in his poem to convey the message of how humanity fears nature and does not care about nature, which leads to various destructions upon it. The common ground between both is that they share the transcendentalist theme for seeking not to conquer, but rather to live in harmony with it. Thoreau and Snyder both think highly nature and admire its limitless bounds and have very strong opinions on how humanity is loosing a sense of self by ignoring the beauty of nature. Thoreau states, â€Å"†¦ When the whole body is one sense, and imbibes delight through every pore.I go and come with a strange liberty, n Nature, a part of herself' (Thoreau 379). He describes a deep connect as he inspects all of the elements around him, â€Å"†¦ L see nothing special to attract me, all the elements are unusually congenial to me† (Thoreau 379). Nature is pleasant therefore he is attracted to everything nature has to offer. Sender's approach t o his connection setting a theme that is centered on the premise that the American government is destroying the environment of their land by deforestation and control of the environment.He stresses how nature is not being protected and ultimately leading to destruction, â€Å"Who use iron leg-traps n Coyotes† (Snyder 1 1). He stresses iron leg traps that kill coyotes the coyotes represent the destruction of nature and it's inhabitants. That animals such as the coyote have no where to go once their home is destroyed, while the supporters of the deforestation continue progressing from area to area in North America. Snyder wants the audience to feel empathy for the environment and the animals living in it through this theme.Thoreau argues how humans are sometimes afraid of nature â€Å"I believe that men are generally still afraid of the dark†¦ † (Thoreau 380). He reminds the reader that nature is â€Å"†¦ The most sweet and tender, the most innocent† and that, â€Å"†¦ There can be no black melancholy to him who lives in the midst of nature† (Thoreau 380). While Thoreau has a more philosophical approach to his interpretation of nature while Snyder adds a sense of urgency â€Å"And the Coyote singing / is shut away / for they fear / the call / of the wild† (Snyder 28-30).Snyder says they fear and pay little attention to the calling and consider it's worth less than it is. â€Å"And they sold their virgin cedar trees / the tallest in miles / TO a logger / Who old them / â€Å"Trees full of bugs† (Snyder 33-37). The logger is trying to make a bargain for a much lower price on the cedar trees and adds how the â€Å"Trees are full of bugs† (Snyder 37). Sender's emphasis on the ironic statement of the logger represents the ignorance of the individuals that do not appreciate the wild.Both writers help the reader understand how the wilderness is meant to be changing the way people think about the natural w orld, one can also change the way they act. Humans can discover a new way of interacting with the environment through the con mention and sympathy towards Mother Nature. Thoreau like Snyder also had strong arguments on how society is distracted and is in need for a spiritual awakening which nature can offer. For the most part we allow only outlying and transient circumstances to make our occasions. They are, in fact, the cause of our distraction† â€Å"When I compare mystified other men, it seems as If were more favored by the gods than they, beyond any deserts that I am conscious of†¦ † (Thoreau 380). He measures his spiritual level on a superior level and considers it a rewarding and a therapeutic experience. â€Å"l was suddenly sensible of such wet and beneficent society in Nature† (Thoreau 380).He reminds society that they can form a bond with nature the way he has and how they will benefit greatly from it. Snyder is more direct with society and targets individuals who reside in the city â€Å"All these Americans up in special cities in the sky / Dumping poisons and explosives / Across Asia first / and next North America† (Snyder 57-61 The urban individuals also kill nature and pay no attention to nature and then states, â€Å"A war against earth† (Snyder 62). Snyder implies that human kind is at war with earth.In â€Å"Solitude† by Thoreau and Call of the Wild† by Snyder the writers argue similar topics, but the way they each present the topics varies and when analyzing both one can truly see the essence of nature from a philosophical and an activist as well an ecological view.

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Business Regulations and Practices Presentation Essay

Business Regulations and Practices Presentation - Essay Example The effects get analyzed from the perspective of employees, employers, and the government. Each of these players has a different view regarding high minimum wage. The paper uses an exploratory approach to finding relevant facts related to the study. Sources such as books, press releases and Low Wage Commission reports have gotten perused so as to strengthen the understanding of the concepts at hand. Jobs whose value cannot get sustained in the face of the minimum wage are likely to get eradicated. Employers may fail to pay the high wage rate for jobs that are not essential to a company. Scaling back the number of employees will in turn increase social dependency. Also, it reduces the purchasing power of individuals thus stalling economic growth. Low-wage jobs are likely to get eradicated since the small job opportunities that offer the low-wage jobs have a limited payroll budget. The payroll funds cannot and may not offer their most valuable employees the fair and attractive wages of unskilled workers, and this would result in the eradication of such jobs. The Neoclassical economists posit that as the labor prices increase, the employees would demand less work and thus this may result in the elimination of the low-wage jobs. Likewise, the minimal wage rate would result in a reduced demand for workers, either as a result of the reduction in working hours or through the reduction of job opportunities. Critics as well hold that raising the minimum wage rate, slows down the rate of the creation of low-skilled jobs in an economy. As a consequence, therefore, job opportunities get shifted to other areas, states and nations that contribute to lower cost labor. In the long run, the move results in a higher long-term unemployment rate. Employment: An increment in the minimum wage rate will eradicate low skilled work; hence, encouraging unemployment, although this has a little effect on most employers. The

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Entrepreneurship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Entrepreneurship - Essay Example Marketing would get better services from the most competitive companies and improve branding. PESTLE ANALYSIS Political Few political issues affect the progress of the ten in bowling centre being an independent, privately owned company. The political system may only affect the company indirectly with the legislation passed to contain activities by the workers in the facility. Economic The economic activities that affect the prevalence of the business would be the either economic condition of the market that may be due to inflation or condition in the stock market. This may cause the varied patterns in consumption within families that may find difficulty in budgeting for the leisure activities. Social This is considered in the image created in the facility being either a positive presentation in socialization or a developer of vices like alcohol abuse for teenagers. The facility may also be considered a source of social support and physical development as it increases the sport level. Technological This affects the sport industry with advancements included in every sport facility for development and easier completion. Technological factors makes the business more flexible, easier record preservation and analysis in the game progress. It also increases the mood of the business as customers are accorded a dynamic approach in the bowling game. Legal The legal issues affecting the organization are contained in the presentation of the government to regulate the services to the population, premises of operation and the hours of business. Depending on the facilities within the establishment, the legal factors may affect the operation of the business through restrictions in the guidelines to be implemented. Business Plan Businesses are presented with the challenge to predict the market structure and the behaviour of consumer groups. Through the strategic planning and organization of events, the organization can deliver provisions that deliver progress and success to the created policies. New businesses are created based on the culmination of strategies of successful organizations and strategies that have been proved to prevail in the setting. Business plans are presented as formal statements that present the business’ goals and objective that are believed to be achieved within the set time (Crego, Schiffrin & Kauss1995, p9). The statement also presents the measures that the business plans to implement to achieve the objectives within the setting as they desire to progress within their areas of establishment (Berry, 2012). Business plans are developed to be based on the intuition of the organization to issue an account of the directive warranted to deliver increased results and progress within the setting. Without the plan, information on the business objective and strategy may not be outlined for the competitors and predictors to articulate the future performance (Longenecker, 2006, p117). The presentation may also be included to list the m embers of the organization and the background of the growth of the business into the market under consideration. A business plan has been issued as a means of the organization to predict future developments. This aids the firm in achieving the mission listed as the company is presented with measures to focus on the paramount points. The business is capable of allocating resources and adjusting strategies to achieve the desired target within the stipulated period. Most business plans are included in

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Is the United States an empire To what extent do you agree or disagree Essay

Is the United States an empire To what extent do you agree or disagree - Essay Example Similarly, the Mongol empire extended from Southeast Asia all the way to Europe. On the other hand, the tenure of the Byzantine Empire covered years 395 to 1453.Whereas, when at its peak the British Empire was able to rule over approximately one-fourth of the total world population (The world Empire) The US global empire however is different than the previous empires the world has seen. The uniqueness in the nature of this empire is the global presence that it enjoys as opposed to the control over huge masses of land etc. such a presence is almost immeasurable. The recent US Defense Department â€Å"Base Structure Report† identified that the physical assets of the Department comprise of more than 600,000 individual buildings and other structures covering more than 6,000 locations and are spread over an area of more than 30 million acres. To be exact, the total number of locations is 6,702 which is then sub-divided into: 115 large installations; 115 medium installations; & 6,47 2 small installations / locations. Although the major portions of these locations are found in North America, however a considerable number of locations are found outside this region. ... S. Department of State indicates that all the 192 countries in the world, with the exception of Bhutan, Cuba, Iran and North Korea, have diplomatic relations with the United States of America. All these countries also enjoy the membership of the â€Å"United Nations† with the exception of the Vatican City. â€Å"Active Duty Military Personnel Strengths by Regional Area† (a publication by Department of Defence) states that the troops of the United States of America are presently posted in up to 135 countries. This amounts to 70% of the world’s countries. America is the world’s only super power by the reason of its having an advantage over the rest of the world due to its military capability, economy, global influence, scientific and technological edge and its alliances throughout the world.(Historical News Network) USA status as an empire Empire would mean political control the one that is exercised by one organized sort of political unit over that of anoth er unit separate from an alien to it. Many of the factors enter into empire—the economics, technology, religion, ideology above all the military strategy and weaponry--but the vital core is political: the possession of the final authority by one of the entity over vital political decisions of another. (USA as an empire) This might not mean the direct rule exercised by any formal occupation and administration; but most empires involve the informal, indirect rule. But the real empires require the effective final authority so states can enjoy various types of superiority or domination over that of others without being empires.( defining Empire, is the US an Empire) This empire dialectic yields some of the profound historical lessons, offered without proof, though the historical

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Help Desk Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Help Desk Paper - Essay Example Actually, help desks have already become a routine reality for the majority of large and small businesses all over the world. The question remains in whether it is worth outsourcing Help Desk Agents and what criteria efficient Help Desk Agents should meet. To begin with, a Help Desk is a place where a customer or an information technology user can obtain important information, call for support or obtain technical support and assistance (TechTarget, 2010). Many companies hold help desks to provide customers with the quality customer service and support. A help desk can be a person or a group of persons with a phone number and the skills necessary to resolve the majority of the emerging technical and organizational problems (TechTarget, 2010). Help desks may consist of a group of technical experts that will use software to track the status of the emerging problems and to solve them promptly; a help desk may also work in the form of a call center, which accepts user complaints and suggestions and helps them to track their orders, shipments, and concerns in real time (TechTarget, 2010). That businesses enjoy the benefits of call centers and help desks is difficult to deny. The question is in what Help Desk Agents can be considered as efficient and what it takes for businesses to hire efficient Help Desk Agents. An efficient Help Desk Agent must meet the specific set of criteria, to match the Help Desk Agent job requirements and to successfully cope with his (her) responsibilities. According to Hiles and Gunn (2009), these criteria include â€Å"skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback† (Hiles and Gunn, 2009). An efficient Help Desk Agent will possess a variety of skills necessary to resolve numerous technical and customer service dilemmas; in other words, an efficient Help Desk Agent will not only be

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Setting a Home Network Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Setting a Home Network - Term Paper Example Besides the easy handling of the XP ICS, by the XP computer as the ICS host the other benefit is using the internet connection Firewall. 3. Choice of a network technology The commonly available choices are the Ethernet and wireless LANs. When using an Ethernet LAN its essential to have the network interface card, or the NIC that ought to be fitted in each computer and then run the cabling between the computers. Just in case you don’t find the idea of opening the computer to fit/or to install the network card good for you, then get yourself a USB adaptor to assist you. Considering the size of the network, you may also find it necessary to have a network hub or router to provide interconnection between the PCs on the LAN. Two PCs can get by using an RJ-45 crossover cable; three or more computers require a hub or a multi – speed hub (also called a switch). For high – speed internet connection, a high – speed router is a good option. If you decide to have a wi reless LAN as your choice, you may also need an NIC for each and every PC (although there are versions that use USB adaptors as well) the major advantage of home environments is that a wireless LAN eliminates the need for cabling. Although on the contrary wireless LANs tend to be slower, less robust and most likely more expensive than the traditional Ethernet LANs. Wireless LANs particularly do not live up to their stated working range and you may encounter factors such as your construction and design in your home, in addition to interference from other devices which affect the performance of your wireless LAN. You may also need to add an expensive Access point to be able to extend the range of the LAN and more so it may not be sufficient. What is essential here is that if you make a choice of going wireless route, then ensure that the store will refund your money if the LAN will proof not to be reliable in performance within the range specified. 4. Make a list of hardware needed Co me up with a list that outlines the hardware you need for each computer, without forgetting any cabling, and purchase them. If you find it a little dazzling to make an appropriate choice and the configurations, then consider purchasing a networking kit. This kind of kits contain all that is needed to set up a two or three Pc network. If it’s possible, then look up for hardware that contains the Windows XP logo that indicates its fully compatible with XP. 5. Install the adaptors. Make an installation of the network adaptors and also install your modem on the ICS host computer(you may also let the computers connect to the internet independently by installing modems on each one of them) 6. Cable the computers Physically cable the computers and hubs or routers together, as usual you may not need to undertake this if you have decided to use the wireless option. When installing an Ethernet network and you have a lot of cabling work to be done then its preferable that you get a prof essional to come in and do this kind of work for you. It may not be cheap but to ensure that the work is perfectly done with minimal damage done to the walls, ceilings and the floors. 7. Switch it on Power all computers, printers and other peripherals. 8. Connect the ICS host Get to the ICS host computer and ensure it’s connected to the internet. 9. Run the network setup Wizard on

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY TEMPLATE Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY TEMPLATE - Article Example The results of the research identified that combined sentimental dedication autonomously arbitrates the negative associations between empowerment-promoting and inspiration practices and the overall intentional return. In addition, this article determines the different philosophy of four rivulets of study concerning collective commitment, HR activities and performances and the overall yield. According to the results of the study, it is evident that human resource practices that promote employees’ skills, knowledge and aptitude are positively related to voluntary yield but are not interceded by joint sentimental dedication. Needless to say, this paper offers insights to principals and managers whose objective is to manage overall employee yield. It also offers principals and mangers the confrontations of structuring a group of endowed workers through the employment of creative employment and cultivating of workers’ readiness and aptitude to move across organizational limits. This research offers support for the notion that investments in talents are portable. Considerably, the findings of the research offer a template for decreasing the heightened yield related to enhanced hiring and training ventures. Debatably, techniques that heighten the sentimental dedication of the crucial personnel may counteract the increased turnover from the employment of skill-promoting practices. In organizations, the principals and managers should supplement the skill-promoting activities with motivation-promoting activities to diminish turnover and confine the performance advantages of a better labor force. This article examines the responsibility of principals and managers in implementing a strategic role and decentralization of human resources tasks to the line among the workforce in organizations. This study involves 46 line managers drawn from three organizations in United Kingdom within a period of 2 years. In reference to the results

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English class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

English class - Essay Example Assassinations regularly feature in the game. Fire fighting and flying helicopters are simulated. In the later releases, especially after the grand theft auto 2, players are forced to overcome extreme and unfortunate events like being left for the dead and betrayal. This becomes a motivation for advancing through the criminal ladder in the game leading to the triumph of the character by the end of the story line (Bogenn 79). The game also involves driving taxis and carjacking. The grand theft auto III makes violence to be more realistic and practical to children. The players have opportunities to pay for prostitution services with the aim of recovering health. Then the players can kill to recover the money. The game is seen to be moving from the traditional heroic roles offered by the games to illegal activities. The players are forced to commit a wide variety of crimes (Kutner and Olson 41). The grand theft auto displays a notion where the player only faces short term consequences. In the game, the players end up killing policemen and soldiers. Grand theft auto is said to have controversial content especially with regard to children. The episodes of the game are said to have a grave impact of the children’s behavior. The video game is linked to aggression and addiction to vices and violence. A study in 2001 showed that contents of grand theft auto and similar games lead to increased aggression less pro-social behavior among children (Bogenn 79). The violence practiced in the games makes children be comfortable with antisocial behavior like ignoring the rights of others. Grand theft auto is also said to have positive impacts on children. It’s been argued that it trains children to be team players, competitive and that the video characters are not reflected in the real life situation. Grand theft auto leads to both long term and short term aggressive and violent behavior (Kutner and Olson 41). The video game depicts women as sex objects