Monday, August 26, 2019

Help Desk Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Help Desk Paper - Essay Example Actually, help desks have already become a routine reality for the majority of large and small businesses all over the world. The question remains in whether it is worth outsourcing Help Desk Agents and what criteria efficient Help Desk Agents should meet. To begin with, a Help Desk is a place where a customer or an information technology user can obtain important information, call for support or obtain technical support and assistance (TechTarget, 2010). Many companies hold help desks to provide customers with the quality customer service and support. A help desk can be a person or a group of persons with a phone number and the skills necessary to resolve the majority of the emerging technical and organizational problems (TechTarget, 2010). Help desks may consist of a group of technical experts that will use software to track the status of the emerging problems and to solve them promptly; a help desk may also work in the form of a call center, which accepts user complaints and suggestions and helps them to track their orders, shipments, and concerns in real time (TechTarget, 2010). That businesses enjoy the benefits of call centers and help desks is difficult to deny. The question is in what Help Desk Agents can be considered as efficient and what it takes for businesses to hire efficient Help Desk Agents. An efficient Help Desk Agent must meet the specific set of criteria, to match the Help Desk Agent job requirements and to successfully cope with his (her) responsibilities. According to Hiles and Gunn (2009), these criteria include â€Å"skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback† (Hiles and Gunn, 2009). An efficient Help Desk Agent will possess a variety of skills necessary to resolve numerous technical and customer service dilemmas; in other words, an efficient Help Desk Agent will not only be

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