Thursday, October 10, 2019

How to Put Together a Desktop Computer Tower

As a teenager I was always fond of computer. I built my first desktop computer in 2009 when I was able to afford purchasing all the components myself. In March of 2012 my desktop had a power surge and short-circuited the motherboard, rendering the rest of the components useless. I tore apart the desktop tower and inspected all my components to see what would be reusable. The power supply, video card, CD optical drive, and hard drive could all be salvaged. I placed all the salvaged components in an anti-static bag and stored them in a dry and relatively cool area in my closet.Once I knew what components and new hardware I would need I began researching all the new products in the market. I realized my once top of the line components were outdated but, being poor I had to make due with my salvaged parts. The list of components needed was concise, but rather expensive. I needed a new motherboard, central processing unit, processor cooler, and a new desktop computer tower case. I had to wait and save another paycheck to buy all the necessary components. As soon as all my components arrived I cleared approximately a five by five foot flat surface in my living room and laid all my components down in their boxes.I first unboxed my tower case and read the manual of its capabilities and how its fans are set up. I then opened all the rest of the boxes and laid out each component. Inspection of each component is a must at this point. If you’re able to find damage before you put your computer together it’ll save you the time of disassembling your computer once you’ve found out something has malfunctioned. If you’re lucky like I was you will not have any damaged parts and you can continue to assemble your computer rig. The first step to assembling the computer is to install your central processing unit.In my case, I had to install both the central processing unit and the processor cooler on the motherboard before mounting it in the tower case. On ce that was installed I proceeded to installation of the video card. On the motherboard there is a specific PCI-express x16 slot made for fast reading components such as the video card. Some video cards require two slots for the supplied cooling fan, as the more graphically demanding the software you run on your computer will be, the hotter your video card will run. After the video card was installed I then installed the random access memory sticks into their respective slots on the motherboard.The last major component of the build is the power supply. This connects directly to each of the separate components to supply electricity. Learning to build computers by myself was very easy. The key to success with computers is to stay calm and remain calm. I self-taught myself how to build a computer was as easy as reading the manual. All the supplied manuals I received with my components were very clear and accurate. They explain how to route wires, where to plug-in each component, and to make sure each part in seated properly.

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