Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Leadership Skills in 21st Century Health Care Research Proposal

Leadership Skills in 21st Century Health Care - Research Proposal Example The clinics that offer both general and specialist health care are mostly for Medicaid recipients. There is a wide middle class of patients without coverage-they make too much for Medicaid and are not old enough for Medicare. Even if they are eligible for Medicare, it does not cover all their health needs. Problem Statement: With so many areas of U.S. health care in commercial chaos at present, it is necessary for leadership to include all members of their organizations in decision making. Only with a leader willing to take advantage of what staff offers can a working relationship be established. Another problem area in health care is a better understanding of the needs and wants of consumers. The most apparent issues in health care at present are related to Medicare, Children's Health Care Insurance Program (SCHIP), and Health Information Technology (HIT). Literature Review and Research Design: In the upcoming elections, health care is a major issue. Studies showing current statistics of the number of people who do not have health insurance and the overcrowded conditions in public clinics can be found on the Internet. As for leadership in health care, the need for cooperation is evident in articles and past discussions of what makes a good leader, again on the Internet.

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