Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Laws Of Hammerabi Essay Research Paper free essay sample

The Laws Of Hammerabi Essay, Research Paper The Laws of Hammurabi The best method of happening out about a certain civilization is to look at their Torahs and other tribunal records. The Laws of Hammurabi are the best preserved legal papers reflecting the societal construction of Babylon during Hammurabi? s regulation. They address the rights of the hapless to seek compensation from wrongs committed by the wealthy or by the aristocracy. The Torahs besides discussed the rights of adult females, such as the right to have belongings in their ain names and to disassociate their hubby. Through these Torahs, the Mesopotamian people, or their swayers at least, seem to have been a really rigorous civilisation. This is evident in Torahs 22 and 23, refering larceny and robbery. Any adult male caught perpetrating robbery will be put to decease. Based on today? s society and Torahs, that seems really rough, but it shows that the Mesopotamian people were really austere with the felons. We will write a custom essay sample on The Laws Of Hammerabi Essay Research Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The following jurisprudence says that if a robbery has bee n committed but the robber has non be caught, ? the metropolis and the governor # 8230 ; shall do good to him his doomed property. ? This just and merely jurisprudence would neer go on in today? s society. The authorities does non reimburse people for stolen points, with the exclusion of insurance money. The Laws of Hammurabi besides show that the Mesopotamian people were really household oriented. Law 195 provinces that any boy who strikes his male parent will lose his manus. Although this is a really rough jurisprudence, it shows that the society had regard for their seniors. If that regard was non at that place, they were badly punished. Laws 209-212 besides discuss household issues, particularly girls and their foetuss. Anyone who killed a foetus was required to pay a certain sum, and, if the pregnant adult female dies, his girl would be killed besides. The penalty was lessened for a common man? s girl and kid, but it was still rigorous. These Torahs show that the people were really concerned with their kids and household.

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